Ly( Cốc)Tulip 180ml Cappuccino Cup & Saucer

Thiết kế bởi LOVERAMICS

  • Sản xuất theo tiêu chuẩn SCA
  • Thành ly( cốc) dày để giữ ấm cho cafe ở bên trong
  • Đáy ly( cốc) tròn giúp cho hương vị đầy đủ.
  • Cấu trúc rất chắc ( tỷ lệ hấp thu dưới 0.5%); Sứ thương mại cao cấp được nung ở 1300℃
  • Nhiều kích thước, chủng loại và màu sắc để lựa chọn
  • Hình dáng giống Hoa Tulip rất trang nhã

Designed by LOVERAMICS

  • Manufactured under SCA standards
  • Thickest possible wall keeps coffee at right temperature
  • Round base allows full flavour to be developed
  • Very dense body (<0.5% absorption rate); commercial grade high fired porcelain at 1300℃
  • Wide range of capacities; many colours available
  • Its Tulip shape is elegant
  • Wholesale and Custom Branding available
    For enquiry, please contact: 

Cup: Diameter 8cm ; Height 7.5cm ; Volume 180ml
Saucer: Diameter 14cm ; Height 2cm

MATERIALS: Porcelain

Dishwasher Safe Microwave Safe  Freezer Safe Oven Safe Stackable

Designed and crafted to the smallest details, the Coffee Pro range allows every coffee specialty to develop its full flavour well with the best quality meeting the demands of coffee lovers and baristas. Featuring a functional round base, it could help to create turbulence when brewing so as to enhance the aromas and tastes of coffee to a perfect balance. Made of high-fired quality porcelain, the range is strong and durable while its thick body is able to maintain coffee temperature and guarantee its taste. Wide range of colours and capacities is available for you to prepare every perfect brew.

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Ly( Cốc)Tulip 180ml Cappuccino Cup & Saucer


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